TERMS & CONDITIONS – Offe Jewellers


  1. The ownership of the layby items will not pass to the consumer until the total price has been paid and the terms and conditions of the layby agreement have been fulfilled.
  2. This contract is subject to an initial 20% deposit.
  3. Fortnightly payments must be paid with the first being due 2 weeks after the initial deposit is paid.
  4. The layby will be due to be finalised within 3 months of the original deposit unless an agreement has been made between Offe Jewellers and the consumer.
  5. Should the consumer fail to make payments when they fall due or meet any other conditions of the layby contract, the contract may be deemed to have been cancelled by the consumer.
  6. It is the responsibility of the consumer to inform Offe Jewellers of any change of address or contact details.
  7. Layby Cancellation by the Consumer – A consumer may cancel an agreement any time prior to collection of the goods. In such cases Offe Jewellers must refund all payments paid by the consumer, less a cancellation fee of 20% of the price of the item. If the consumers payments do not cover the cancellation fee, Offe Jewellers can recover the outstanding amount as debt.
  8. Layby Cancellation by the Retailer – A retailer can only terminate a when a) the supplier is no longer engaged in trade or commerce, or b) the goods are no longer available due to circumstances beyond Offe Jewellers control.
  9. Should Offe Jewellers cancel the layby agreement; they may not charge a termination fee.
  10. Laybys of more than one item can be separated only if full payment for the item/s handed over to the consumer have been received and the appropriate deposit is still left on the remaining item/s.

Zip Pay

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Products shown on this site represent a small part of our range. Availability may vary per store or while stocks last.

Chains may be displayed on images of the product; however they are sold separately unless specified in the product description.

TDW means total diamond weight of diamonds in the applicable product. Carat weights are approximate and may vary slightly.

Created gemstones are grown in strictly controlled laboratory conditions to re-create the brilliance of rare natural gemstones.

9ct gold bonded product is made from a combination of 9ct gold and sterling silver. A thin sheet of 9ct gold metal and a thin sheet of silver metal are fused or bonded together and then rolled so that the gold sheet is on the outside. This combination metal is then used to manufacture 9ct gold bonded product.

Some photography may not be to scale and colours may vary on the screen.

The ticketed price does not imply that the item has been sold at this price, it is Offe Jewellers regular ticketed price for the item when it is not on sale prior to any negotiated discounts. All discounts quoted in-store, in print and on this site are off the ticketed price for that product. Products are likely to have sold below the ticketed price prior to any discount offer because we pride ourselves on always being competitive.


Sign up to win a $500 gift card

  1. Offe Jewellers will give away 3x $500 store gift cards.
  2. To enter the draw, entrants must subscribe to the Offe Jewellers website with your name and contact details between 4th November 2019 and 31st January 2020.
  3. The prizes will be drawn on Monday 3rd February 2020.
  4. Winners will be notified by phone or email before Friday 7th February 2020.
  5. Prizes can be collected at any Offe Jewellers location or emailed or posted to the winner.
  6. Before awarding the prize to the winners, Offe Jewellers reserves the right to ask for proof of identity.
  7. The purpose of this competition is for Offe Jewellers to build their database.
  8. Offe Jewellers may send advertising and marketing material to competition entrants. If the entrant does not wish to receive such material, they should click on unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.

Offe Jeweller’s Christmas Cash Giveaway

Licence # T19/1889

  1. Offe Jewellers will give away $15,000 cash. This will be made up of 15x $1000 prizes.
  2. To enter the draw, you must spend $150 at any Offe Jewellers location between 9.00am 1st December 2019 and 12.30pm 23rd December 2019.  
  3. Store currency and promotional vouchers cannot be used towards the $150 value required for an entry into the draw.
  4. Offe Jewellers gift cards can be used towards the $150 value required for an entry into the draw.
  5. This offer is valid on lay-by’s raised during this promotion, however the lay-by must be paid in full before 12.30pm on 23rd December 2019 to be eligible.
  6. The prizes will be drawn on Monday 23rd December 2019.
  • 5x $1000 prizes will be drawn from entries lodged at Offe Jewellers Mt Barker at 12.40 pm at Offe Jewellers, Mt Barker Central, Mt Barker.
  • 5x $1000 prizes will be drawn from entries lodged at Offe Jewellers Murray Bridge at 3.40 pm at Offe Jewellers, 24 Bridge Street Murray Bridge.
  • 5x $1000 prizes will be drawn from entries lodged at Offe Jewellers Berri at 40 pm at Offe Jewellers, Riverland Central Plaza, Berri.
  1. Winners will be notified by phone or email before 24th December 2019.
  2. Participants will be notified of the winners in the Advertiser classified section on Monday 30th December 2019.
  3. A second draw will NOT occur if the winners do not claim their prizes.