Uncompromising in our commitment to craft exquisite bespoke jewellery; experience the luxury of designing your own custom creation. Offe Jewellers’ proud reputation for providing qualitypieces of the highest calibre for generations is back by our modern state of the art equipment, age-old techniques and the highest standards in design and craftsmanship.Discover our exceptional expertise in guiding you through the bespoke design process. We invest time to understand your vision and budget andwill transform your dream design into exquisite jewellery you will adore. Our commitment to personal care and attention paired with our meticulous craftsmanship is a hallmark of Offe Jewellers


Experience the thrill of selecting your own diamonds and gemstones for a uniquely crafted jewellery piece. For generations Offe’s trusted diamond and gemstone experts have sourced exquisite stones for clients to personally view and hand select. With a long-standing reputation, our in-house experts support you through the specialised process of selecting diamonds and gemstones. Unravelling your vision for your customised piece, discovering the features you love and educating you on what to look for when selecting stones, we work with your budget in mind when presenting stones for your selection

Jewellery Repairs


Bring back the sparkle and pleasure of wearing your broken or damaged jewellery. With the highest attention to detail, Offe’s master craftsmen offer a full-servicejewellery repair service from meticulously remodelling or restoring your intricate pieces to simple ring re-sizing or re-threading pearl jewellery. No matter how big or small, every piece is treated with care and professionalism. Prolong the life of your precious pieces and ensure your stones are secure. Visit our dedicated customer service team for in-store cleaning and jewellery inspection regularly. Our Jewellery repairs services include:

  • Ring sizing
  • Re-joining chains and bracelets
  • Soldering on charms
  • Replacing or repairing worn and broken clasps
  • Replacing lost stones and repairing the settings
  • Rhodium plating white gold jewellery
  • Pearl re-stranding

Jewellery Valuation


Do you require a valuation of your precious jewellery for insurance replacement, estate valuation or to establish its current value? Utilising an experienced, respected independent valuer with NCJV accreditations, Offe alleviates the stress related to the entire process. We ensure your item will be cleaned and photographed, and you are provided with a comprehensive report on the current replacement cost of your jewellery. As insurance claim specialists, we can also support you with your insurance claim providing professional, knowledgeable support to ensure you are duly compensated for lost, stolen or accidentally damaged jewellery.

Watch Repairs & Restorations


Our skilled watchmaker has been specialising in servicing and repairing watches and clocks for over 40 years. Whether your watch is a contemporary or vintage timepiece, or a mechanical or quartz movement Offe ensures all work and parts are covered by a full guarantee. Standing by our high commitment to quality we only use Seiko brand watch batteries with a 2 Year Warranty. For your convenience batteries and replacement watch bands can usually be fitted in-store while you wait.